IRS Collection

For a detailed description of the IRS Collection program please see “The IRS Collection Process” IRS Publication 594, and “Collection Appeal Rights” IRS Publication 1660. The internal processes and procedures for IRS Collection employees are contained in the IRM Section 5.

Several links are provided below for general information and proper tax planning:

IRS IRM: Internal Revenue Manual Index – Understand the internal processes and procedures for IRS Collection employees in IRS IRM section 5.
Appealing a Collection Decision CAP, CDP, OIC, and TFRP
Payment Plans, Installment Agreements – The IRS has the authority to enter into written agreements allowing for the payment of taxes due in installments. Understand the three general types of Installment Agreements available: 1. Guaranteed Installment Agreements, 2. Streamlined Installment Agreements for amounts owed under $50,000, and 3. Other, for amounts owed over $50,000
In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreement
Offer in Compromise (OIC) – An OIC is an agreement that settles a tax debt for less than what is owed, providing Taxpayers with a plan to pay off old tax debt and get a “fresh start”. Most OIC forms and instructions are contained in the Form 656-B Booklet. An OIC is submitted on Form 656 accompanied by a financial statement on Form 433-A for individuals or Form 433-B for business. OIC’s can be filed based on a doubt as to collectability, doubt as to liability (use special Form 656-L), or based on any exceptional circumstances including economic hardship that promotes effective tax administration.
IRS Collection Financial Standards
IRS Collection National Standards for Food, Clothing and Other Items (and links to other standards)
Filing Past Due Tax Returns
Notice from the IRS
IRS Notices: Understanding Your IRS Notice or Letter
Penalties and Interest, IRS Penalty Relief Handbook, Reasonable Cause Relief Provisions – Link 1 and Link 2