Tax Representation before the IRS

I have 40 years of IRS experience and training. Let’s put that experience and training to good use for you and solve all of your IRS tax problems.

I provide tax representation services for all IRS audit and examination matters. These include all IRS audits and examinations conducted by Revenue Agents (RA’s), Tax Auditors (TA’s), Tax Compliance Officers (TCO’s), IRS correspondence examinations, and IRS service center inquiries and notices.

I provide tax representation services for all IRS collection matters. These include all IRS collection notices involving liens, levies and seizures; filing of Federal Tax Liens (FTL), and Notices of Intent to Levy (NOIL). I can help you preparing and filing Collection Information Statements (CIS), an Installment Agreements (I/A), an Offer in Compromise (OIC), and other payment options.

The IRS internal processes and procedures are contained in the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) section 4 for Examination, section 5 for Collection, section 8 for Appeals, section 20 for penalties and interest, and section 25.15 for innocent spouse.

Several links are provided below for general information and proper tax planning:

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